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Gym Clothing. Fitness Apparel. Athletic Accessories.
For. Every. Body.

Athletic clothing should not just fit and feel good on your skin,
the garment should make you feel powerful within.
Athletic Army is a badge of honour, something to be proud of.
Your support enables us to grow each other and for us all to fight the good fight.
Mission Accepted. Equip yourself Soldier. Earn your Stripes.

Mission Gear, Clothing and Accessories are available
in sizes from XS to 2XL, and up to 5XL by request.

Our mission and vision is to grow our company and each other.

All for one and one for all. We believe that by sharing our passion and profits we can create platforms and purpose for future generations. With mind and motivation we will unlabel negatives and relabel each other with positivity. Is this just a big dream? Who cares? Our dreams and vision are big and bold. Join our Core Unit and let’s grow each other.

We are doing this on Purpose. Play your part. Earn your stripes.

Not another Label. The world doesn’t need more clothing labels. In a saturated market we are defined by our mission and purpose. As a brand we want to simply create amazing innovative products, cultivate opportunities for our children and inspire each other beyond our potential.

Alone we can achieve little but together we will achieve so much.

Do you have the mindset to be a member of Core Unit?. We are building this army. We are assembling soldiers, warriors and fighters. Join a family with a shared purpose, fighting the same battles – an army.

Basic Issue Athletic Apparel and Equipment

Fitness Clothing for the Frontline
Not for Civilian Use.

Collection AW 2019

hoodies and sweatshirts
from £22.50

Collection AW 2019

Basic Issue Release 001
from £14.50