Athletic Army is brand new. A range of Basic Issue Utility Gym and Fitness wear to inspire athletes worldwide. We currently print almost all of our designs by hand in London, England.

You can discover more about the people behind the brand and our process through our blogs and vlogs and social media posts.

Please be sure to connect with us and let us know how we are doing.

Our goal is to deliver a stylish collection of clothing to meet the delivering performance, quality and style to athletic men, women and children globally.

We want to make sure our products and lifestyle remain inclusive to all the army family, yet exclusive in all other ways.

We are committed to a social responsibility and building a legacy for our youth from day one.

A duffle bag filled with Fitness Wear, Gym Clothing, Workout Apparel


To design and manufacture high quality fitness and athletic apparel and accessories.

To grow our company and each other and to give back to the community.

To inspire and nurture our youth and to cultivate and enable their dreams.

To make a positive global difference through our united strength.

To be a game-changer.