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Every month for the next 12 months we will release a very limited edition selection of garments.
These will usually be in runs of 50 to 100 items and will allow us to express complete creativity. We will never exactly replicate the products in a takeover collection in the future.

Your order must be placed and paid for on or before the cutoff date for that particular collection.
We will then produce and despatch and produce all orders as indicated.


Fitness Clothing for the Frontline.Not for Civilian Use.

*First Takeover Release closes on 22nd September 2020.

#takeover #fightingfit #earnyourstripes

This is a plot. Plain and Simple.
As we launch our offering, share our vision and increase our impact,
we are recruiting an army as we rip off the camouflage and stand visible and proud.
This is our Takeover. Available Now. Take Action.

We are building a community and we would love for you to participate and contribute.
It’s purpose is to grow ourselves and each other. It forms part of our mission statement and our expanded brand vision and impact.

Find our brand page and group on Facebook.